Tree Surgery and Landscaping

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With this amount of damage should the tree be felled?
With this amount of damage should the tree be felled?

Tree reports and advice on tree safety and good management

Peace of mind - have the trees surrounding your house and garden surveyed for safety. Commercial properties surveyed; offices, hotels, residential homes, parks

Ken Emery is qualified and insured to produce reports to British Standard 5037 "Trees in Relation to Construction"

Road Side Trees - If you own land adjacent to the road side YOU MAY BE LIABLE for trees that shed branches or fall into the road, even though the trees are on the verge.

Ken can advise on tree management to allow you and your trees to share space and light. He also successfully liases with planners to reach satisfactory agreements.

Recent reports we have been involved in

  • Report on a dangerous Chestnut tree from a neighbours garden in danger of imenent collapse onto the clients house
  • Client wishing to build in a wooded garden, BS 5037 undertaken with recommendations for tree preservation based on tree quality and the future effects on the building from retained trees
  • Trees in a wood neighbouring a housing estate and blocking sattelite signal - recommendations on thinning woodland
  • 2 birch trees allegedly undermining foundations; home owner with a grudge against tree owner.
  • Client bought property with a dispute over hedge height and damage to neighbouring property